Landing Page Strategy

Most integrated marketing campaigns require a web destination where the user can learn more information and hopefully convert as a lead or progress lower in the funnel. Oftentimes, a conversion-focused landing page is the answer. This custom page can be optimized to drive conversions and generate leads with the emphasis on giving the user the information they need in an uncluttered way and making the next step the obvious choice (usually a request for information form, or the like) with clear calls to action (CTAs) and without the clutter and ability to get easily lost in other areas with expansive main site navigation.

Paid Search Landing Page

nursing paid media landing page

This is an example of a series of landing pages developed specifically for traffic from paid search for different groupings of academic programs. This nursing landing page features a block list of programs within this area of study that expand to provide fuller “program cards” with more details. The CTAs drive to the request for information (RFI) form that jumps to the bottom of the page.

Results: For paid search campaigns that switched destinations to a custom, conversion-focused landing page (versus a generic academic program or department webpage on the regular website) saw an increase in conversions by more than +50% year-over-year. Additionally, the paid search campaigns saw on average a +25% greater efficiency with lower cost per acquisition (CPA) costs as a result of the higher quality score associated with the campaigns.