Event Marketing

Marketing events often involves a fully integrated approach with close alignment to the event team who is planning and organizing the event.

Admitted Student Day Events

The goal was to reach students who applied and have been admitted to start classes as a traditional undergraduate freshman in the fall and to encourage them to register and attend one of the Admitted Student Day events. Historically, for those who attend an on-campus event or tour conversions are 20% higher than for those who do not, so getting in front of this highly targeted audience at this stage is imperative. Additionally, we know parents are often the biggest influencers when it comes to students choosing where to attend university, so I created an ad group and creative specific to the parent audience to encourage the same.

  • Who: Prospective students (and their parents) who were offered admission to Creighton University
  • What: Attend an Admitted Student Day event
  • Why: Those who attend convert at a 20% higher rate
  • When: Springtime events prior to fall freshman year start term
  • How: Export lists of students and parents from CRM and use that as a “customer list” to create a custom audience in Meta to serve Facebook and Instagram ads to this highly targeted audience. We also built an email and SMS program to reach the same audiences. Users were driven to a custom landing page focused on the conversion for event registration.

Results: Year-over-year registrations and attendance increased +17%