Email Marketing

Email programs are workhorses of integrated marketing campaigns. Email (and SMS) communication flows offer the ability to set a cadence for the types of messages leads receive when they enter the CRM and can adjust as the customer’s status changes.

Academic Program Inquiry Flow

Email marketing

This is an example of an email program established for those who inquire and enter the CRM for a specific academic program of study.

In this example, those interested in the physical therapy (DPT) program receive two types of emails over the course of up to 250 days:

1) “plain text” emails that are from a named admissions counselor who they work with, and

2) designed/graphical emails that contain images and CTAs that tell the university “story” and try to explain why they should choose this program.

In both kinds of emails, personalization is paramount. Users not only see all the usual personalization techniques like their name, but also the content is dynamic and personalized based on their current application status and interests.