There are a variety of types of advertising campaigns. Some are clear-cut single campaigns, while many others are more integrated and tied to websites or custom landing pages, SEO work, paid search, creative development, photography, video production, email marketing, and social media marketing.

School of Law Digital Campaign


The Creighton University School of Law offers a strong program, but is in a competitive environment where prospective students often apply to multiple programs. Applying to multiple programs is easy for the student because there is a centralized application service that allows users to complete one application with all of their supporting documents and then select the programs for which they wish to apply. This setup also provides an opportunity to get the Creighton name in front of those who might not otherwise have considered or even heard of this school. The School desires to maintain their selectivity and admissions rate, while at the same time improving the academic profile of the incoming class. To do that, they wish to have additional higher funnel leads and applicants with stronger LSAT scores and GPAs.

For this campaign, I chose to approach it with high frequency retargeting at the center. With the data we receive for LSAT test takers, we are able to develop a robust email marketing campaign program as well as custom audience for retargeting. In addition to that LSAT audience, I placed pixels on select lower funnel webpages to capture those highly interested individuals who are visiting the website organically to learn about the program.

  • Who: Two audiences: 1) LSAT test takers in our CRM, 2) organic website visitors
  • What: Submit an application to Creighton Law or visit campus
  • Why: Staying in front of this highly qualified audience during this critical phase of their law program search we can impact applications and stay top of mind as candidates are considering their options after receiving their admissions decisions from multiple programs
  • When: Spring through early summer after most law program candidates have taken the LSAT and have started applying to programs but before they have made their decision for which program to attend
  • How: Use CRM data for highly qualified test takers as well as pixel retargeting for low funnel organic website visitors to retarget users in a multichannel approach with video and display ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network.

Results: Applications increased +11% year-over-year and those who have paid their class registration deposit increased +8% year-over-year. The campaign saw an overall average frequency of 16 times per month, keeping Creighton Law top of mind throughout the duration of the campaign.